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Supreme Grand Master and Chuck Norris

Supreme Grand Master Seong began his TaeKwonDo and Ju Do training in 1957 at Seo Jeung Rhee (which is now Song Tan) Korea. In 1974, he became an International Master Instructor and officially began teaching martial arts in Ahn Yang, Korea.

Supreme Grand Master Seong founded the Pan-Am Martial Arts Federation in 1990 in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has been teaching Tae Kwon Do in a family atmosphere there ever since. He supports and is very involved in the local community, frequently participating in charitable events and providing local demonstrations for schools and other civic events such as parades and fund raisers. His school is an annual participant in community efforts such as the Adopt-A-Highway program. He is a leader by example, showing that active participation in the community makes the community stronger and adds value to the lives of its citizens.
Supreme Grand Master and Steven Seagal
He continues to share his vast knowledge of TaeKwonDo with the Fredericksburg community, constantly emphasizing that with good physical, mental and spiritual health, we can be the best we can be.
Over the years, he has traveled all over the world devoting his life to help spread the popularity of the sport of TaeKwonDo and demonstrate the beauty of the Korean culture. He has visited places all over the world such as Saudi Arabia, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Iran, Thailand, Taiwan and many other countries, eager to share his knowledge and learn from others.
Internationally well known and highly respected by the community, Supreme Grand Master J.K. Seong, 8th Dan, exemplifies martial arts excellence.

His never-ending pursuit of excellence is demonstrated by his list of accomplishments, just some of which include:Pan Am Taekwondo
  • BS Degree in Physical Education
  • President and Founder of the Pan-Am Martial Arts Federation
  • International Referee and Judge
  • Head Coach of the Korean Air Force
  • Judge of US Tournaments
  • National Team Coach for More Than 10 Countries
  • 1995 Award for Best Master by the Grand Masters Association of America
  • 1997 Citation Awarded by Invitation from the Korean Government, presented by Dr Un Yong Kim, President of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and Olympic Committee Vice President.

Supreme Grand Master Seong continues to strive for constant improvement in himself and his students. He seeks to make TaeKwonDo a priceless investment in life for everyone. All those that have had the good fortune to have studied with him have found their lives profoundly changed for the better. No Supreme Grand Master shows more concern and consideration for his students, not only in their skills and abilities, but in their lives as well.

To learn more about the classes offered at Seong's Martial Arts Academy please contact us, visit our location, or call us at 540-898-8111.