Seong’s Martial Arts Academy


     “Since Andy started his Tae Kwon Do training a year ago with Seong's Martial Arts Academy, he has grown tremendously.  He not only is doing much better in school and at home, being more disciplined and obedient, but his emotional and physical health have improved greatly.   The ability to focus and self-confidence he has gained help him so much with everyday life.  In attending your school, I believe Andy will be able to do so much more with his future and will be prepared to accomplish all of his goals and handle the obstacles along the way.  Andy also attends the after school and summer camp programs which are so well organized and provide so many benefits with the advanced training, educational field trips and stimulating learning activities that continue the teaching of respect, leadership, and focus throughout the entire year.  These teachings and programs helping Andy has helped our entire family. I would recommend your academy to my family and anyone I know.  I hope to have my nieces, nephews, and future grandchildren also attend.  We can't thank you enough for all that you do!“

-  Brenda Durrett


     “Seong's Martial Arts, located in Breezewood Shopping Center, Fredericksburg, VA, is THE BEST Martial Arts Academy that Virginia has to offer!! Supreme Grand Master Seong and Master Michael Seong are so patient with their students. My son became a student at age 3. He LOVES his Tae Kwon Do class, but he is particularly fond of working with his instructors. This academy is not only family oriented, but they strive for excellence by teaching discipline and respect! This is their core focus and it has had a wonderfully, positive influence on my son and other family members who have also joined Seong's Martial Arts! This academy is simply the best!”

- S. Barnes


     “Initially, Aaron joined (Taekwondo) because he wanted to be a Power Ranger. That is an appropriate goal for a 5-year-old. Now his goal is to be an instructor. He loves his teachers, all of them, and they love him. While they are amazing at teaching the techniques of Taekwondo, they are even better at teaching the skills to be great human beings. We are blessed to have Seong's in our lives.”


     “Supreme Grandmaster Joon K. Seong's Martial Arts Academy in Fredericksburg was established about 29 years ago, bringing a traditional form of martial arts to the small, historical Spotsylvania County.  In a way, this great academy has become a part of Fredericksburg's more recent history, providing the introduction and continued professional training to thousands of area younger and older citizens. I, myself, represent one of the older citizens at the age of sixty-seven, who became a student of Tae Kwon Do at Seong's Academy a little over 5 years ago. I have achieved the rank of 1st Dan, and am now looking forward to achieving the highest level I can in years to come.  

     . . . Seong's Academy represents the best of the best in teachings, not only in Tae Kwon Do, but in the higher understanding of leading a disciplined and a meaningful life through thousands of years of teachings founded upon the disciplines of respect, loyalty, obedience and perseverance, the same traditional principles of life that were fostered through my youth from my parents, school teachers, coaches, career, art, and all life, itself. All that is taught within Seong's Academy will remain with me without reservation as a never ending student of martial arts.

     From my experiences in career and life, I know when I have met with the best of teaching, dedication and commitment. Joon K. Seong's Academy and his staff exemplify all of those highest codes, and more.”

-  Grover Gibson


     “I thank God for Seong's Academy! As a single mother of a "6, going on 26-year-old," I must say that the staff at Seong's help make life a lot more manageable. With the male role models and super smart Before and After care staff, it's a win in all areas! They help my son with his homework, teach him to respect those around him, help boost his confidence, teach him Korean, how to protect himself, and when he acts up, they have my back in training him up the right way. There is so much more that I can say about this wonderful martial arts academy, but it will be a novel before I'm done. Thank you Seong's for the opportunity to be graced by the presence of such kind-hearted, loving, supporting individuals.”

-  Christina Robinson

     “Seong’s Martial Arts Academy has helped me become a better person overall throughout my life.  The Dojang, and the masters that serve it, have been wonderful in helping me develop the physical and mental abilities that have served me since the beginning of my martial arts career.  Becoming a Master this year after joining back in 2001 shows the commitment this school has inspired in me and my fellow students.”

-  Master Candidate Branden Moore


     “Seong’s Martial Arts Academy has been a blessing for my son. My son Dane started taking classes a little over a year ago just a few months shy of his 5th birthday. He originally began taking classes because he thought it was “cool.” He is now taking classes because not only does he love it, but because he has a respect for the art of Taekwondo and enjoys learning from Master Michael and the rest of the staff. Not only does he enjoy learning the techniques, but also the values and Korean vocabulary. Dane exudes a sense of pride when discussing what he has learned, what he wants to learn and his accomplishments thus far. When the class that Dane participated in began to bust at the seams because of growth the team at Seong’s coordinated a new time on the same day so that it’s students could get the dedicated attention they had grown accustomed to. My family and I give Seong’s Martial Arts Academy a 5 Star recommendation.”

-  D. Hamn


     “Our son Devon has been attending classes at Seong's Martial Arts schools for approximately two years now and the changes we have seen occur in him during this time have been remarkable. He went from being a young man who had a lackadaisical attitude towards school to being an honor roll student. He has also gone from being a young man who couldn't control his anger to one who now discusses his problems and works toward a solution instead of just acting out. We've been so impressed with the changes we've seen in him that we enrolled our daughter in the before/after school program.  Since starting in September of this year we've seen her take responsibility for her actions and learn how to ask for help instead of just getting frustrated. In short, Seong's has been a wonderful experience for our family and I would and have highly recommended them to our friends and family.”

-  Kristen Adach


     “My son has been coming to Seong’s Martial Arts Academy for about six months and it has been the best program he has been enrolled in thus far.  Supreme Grandmaster Seong and Master Michael have been very patient in teaching my son the art of Taekwondo.  As a result, my son has gained confidence, he is excited to learn, and he has also learned to set goals for himself and work towards meeting them.  Not only do I notice how the Grandmaster works with my son, but I see how hard he works with each student in the class to help them progress.  I cannot wait to enroll my other children once they become of age!”


      “My son is 6 years old and started attending Seong's Martial Arts Academy during the summer of 2015 for the summer camp. I heard about the Academy from a friend whose son attended the after school program.  Initially, I must admit, I was not interested in having my son learn martial arts, since I was concerned it would be too rough. However, upon observing a class and meeting with Supreme Grand Master Seong, I immediately discovered martial arts is about discipline and respect. Supreme Grand Master Seong exudes the care while demands the respect
of a father. I appreciated that even before my son took the free trial class he met with me to understand the desires I have as a parent for my child.

     He observed my son in his first class and was able to see my son's strengths and weaknesses. As a single mom of a boy it's hard to find the balance of being stern and nurturing; the balance of knowing when to be understanding and when to raise the bar of expectations. My discussion with Supreme Grand Master Seong, after my son's first class, regarding the expectations at the Academy left me feeling like I had an ally in developing my son into the respectful, confident, independent and disciplined person one needs to be to persevere through life. My son has been at the Academy for over 6 months now and his confidence level has grown. He still comes home and says, 'Mom do you want to see what I learned today' and shows me a new move. Being an only child the Academy also provides a venue for my son to interact with children from diverse backgrounds.

     When you take the first class I believe you'll find as I did, that Seong's Martial Arts Academy provides an environment for your child to learn the skills of a martial artist while recognizing the importance of respect, discipline and confidence to develop a person of character.”


     “Seong’s Martial Arts Academy has helped me get stronger emotionally and physically.  Seong’s also helped me deal with bullies.  The staff at Seong’s is really kind and thoughtful.  Seong’s is a great place to make new friends.  Seong’s is a GREAT place to learn self-defense.”

- Samantha Zacofsky


     “I have visited and joined many Tae Kwon Do academy's in my life time and I have yet to find a place that even comes close to Seong's Martial Arts Academy. They take the time to explain everything to you as you step through the belt levels and they ensure that you are ready to test before extending the invitation. Being in my 50's, they took particular care and guided me with the right health and nutrition guidance to ensure that I did not over exert myself. I would highly recommend Seong's to any person or family that wanted to get involved in Martial Arts!”

-  Scott Greenwood


      “About 11 years ago, my son started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons at Seong's Martial Arts Academy because his best friend was also taking classes there. He was 10 years old when he started. For two years, he learned self-discipline and self-control, while improving his athletic skills. This was in a fun environment that he enjoyed attending.

     After a break of several years due to a busy school schedule and other activities, he resumed classes. This was much different, as he was now in his upper teens and much more was expected of him. Going back to Seong's was a very good event in his life - he gained focus, discipline, physical agility and stamina. Our son has struggled with ADD and the training at Seong's greatly helped him with that. The instructors did a great job of recognizing the impact of ADD while still requiring the highest standards of performance. Their patience demonstrated to us that we couldn't find a better Dojang.

     Two years ago I began taking lessons. I was 53 years old at the time, and not in the physical condition I used to be in! Through careful training that recognized my age, lack of flexibility, but background of many sports when younger, I was quickly brought along through the various belts. When I needed specific instruction, the Masters were there to help. They gave clear and valuable instruction that was appropriate for someone of my age and experience, then would turn to a young child of 10 years and clearly explain things for that person. I was amazed at the Masters' ability to teach students of all age levels and belt levels.

     As a 55-year-old blue belt, I have improved my energy, flexibility, stamina, and balance. I have recently begun helping as an Assistant for a class of young students. I would never give up my precious time to do this if I didn't believe Seong's was a very high quality Dojang with excellent instructors. We couldn't be happier with our time and training there. I give them a score of 10 out of 10!”


     “Since my two son’s began attending Seong’s Martial Arts Academy, they have become more polite and respectful to others. They have so much fun and are proud to be Seong’s students. Grand Master Seong and his team honestly make you feel like a part of their family. We are so happy that we made the decision to join them.”

-  Tessa Howard


     “Seong’s Martial Arts Academy has been in my life for a long time.  My Dad started training at Seong’s before I was born.  Supreme Grandmaster Seong has known me since I was a baby.  When I was six years old I started training at Seong’s Martial Arts Academy. . . I am very grateful for everything Seong’s Martial Arts Academy has done for me.  I have become a better and healthier person since I’ve been here.  I am twenty-two now and hope to have many more years at Seong’s Martial Arts Academy.”

- Scott Maher